Friday, November 7, 2014

Assisted Dying

Originally posted on Hello from Raging Crip:

Today the assisted dying bill of Lord Falconer is returning to the House of Posh Fuck. But don’t be swayed by the pomp and the circumstance. Don’t be swayed by the pains of people who are depressed, in pain, or who simply cannot do what they did last year. They call this an assisted dying bill, but its class war, in the poisonous atmosphere of welfare reform, this bill is about legalising murder. Now the doughty ship Britannia is actually slamming into the iceberg, this bill is so bloody dangerous in these troubled times, that it infact heralds a human rights atrocity. The seething mamser Grayling cannot wait to get us out of the European Court of Human Rights. The present toolbox have total disrespect for human rights, rightly they are now under investigation by the United Nations for ‘grave violations': The assisted dying bill has not simply appeared…

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