Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bye Bye Esther, It wasn’t nice knowing you

Esther McVey, having brought misery to millions, firstly as a breakfast TV presenter, and then as a Tory Government Minister, is heading for a special sort of misery and embarrassment of her own (with thanks to Joe Halewood (@SpeyeJoe) for spotting this:

Its rare for a sitting government minister to be unseated at a general election, very very rare, but when it happens to a Tory, its worth savouring.

But when it is likely to happen to a Tory Minister as Nasty, cruel, unscrupulous, and hated as Esther McVile, the very prospect of it should be shared to enjoy by all.

Even the Tories must hate Esther, otherwise why would they leave her in a seat where her majority is only 2436 !

We are so looking forward to saying “Bye Bye Esther, it wasn’t nice knowing you.