Sunday, January 4, 2015

NHS: If we vote Tories back in it will be death knell for service

Shadow Health Secretary is certain that only Labour, the party that created the NHS back in 1948, can "re-set" it for the 21st Century 

Battle: Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham is desperate to return the NHS to its former glory
Sleeves rolled up, Andy Burnham is preparing for the fight of his life.

And the prize up for grabs is the survival of our precious National Health Service.

Because Shadow Health Secretary Andy is in no doubt what the terrifying outcome will be if the Tories win the election in May.

Mr Burnham believes handing David Cameron another five years in charge of our hospitals would create a “toxic mix of cuts and privitisation” that will spell its doom.

He told the Sunday Mirror: “We need a big change. The party that created the NHS back in 1948 say it’s time to re-set the NHS for the 21st Century.”

Mr Burnham warned this winter could be the worst for patients and staff in 25 years and insists a Labour government can turn round our hospitals.

In an exclusive interview, he said the first thing he would do in power is repeal David Cameron’s hated Health and Social Care Act.

“That has to go and it has to go as soon as possible. It’s put the wrong values at the heart of the NHS,” he said.

Next at the top of his list would be reducing waiting times for cancer patients awaiting treatment as well as ensuring no one has to wait longer than 48 hours to see a GP.

Mr Burnham also said reforming the care elderly people can receive at home would be part of his reforms in a measure he thinks would reduce pressure on hospitals.

He believes the alternative to a Labour victory does not bear thinking about.

“The NHS as we know it won’t exist,” he said...