Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dad-of-three killed himself after benefits were stopped and he was threatened with eviction

” Pathologist Dr Mohammed Aslan, who performed a post-mortem examination on Mr McDonald, gave the medical cause of death as hanging.

He said toxicology tests had found no evidence of drugs or alcohol other than a small dosage of Sertraline, an anti-depressant.

Concluding Mr McDonald had taken his own life while suffering from depression, Mr Taylor said:
“Something must have happened to make him behave the way he did, because He had so much more to live for, especially his relationship with his daughter.

“At the time, his money had been stopped, he had no form of income, and he said he was threatened with eviction from his home – all matters that can play one someone’s mind very much.

“The appropriate conclusion for me today is that while he was suffering from a significant bout of depression, he took his own life.”