Monday, December 17, 2012

Disability Denial Factories [reblogged]

One of the biggest political disgraces over recent years was the introduction of the "Disability Denial" Assessment factories which are operated by Atos, deciding someones ability to work by the ability to perform actions most chimpanzee's could do is no way to assess someones ability to actually work? Picking up a coin or lifting an empty cardboard box or watching TV does not mean you are fit to work, but it does in the warped minds of the political elite who run our lives.

The Government contract with Atos that the Labour party introduced & which was extended by the Tory's has brought nothing but heartache, it's destroyed the lives of thousands of some of the most vulnerable people in our society, the whole assessment process has been a costly failure in both monetary cost to the taxpayer and rather more disturbing to the disabled & severely ill?

Whenever the Labour Party & it's politicians are asked about Atos they are lacking in any form of ethical or moral reasoning, they just put their heads down and just say the system of assessment needs to be totally reformed, they never say the contract with Atos should end with immediate effect which many of the most respeced organisations who know about disability have aready called for?

Innocent people who have been wrongly assessed as "Being it For Work" have decided their lives are no longer worth living because without their meagre disability benefits they cannot survive, survive is the word I use because most of the media think every disabled person is swinging the lead, they decide to end their lives, suicide is the choice many disabled & severely ill people have decided to make, no longer having to suffer the indignity of having to prove ones disability or illness is genuine over & over again on a treadmill of continued assessment and torture, where those being assessed have less legal rights than if you were arrested for shoplifting, no, the Labour Party are just as guilty of turning a blind eye to the torture and degredation being imposed upon them by an uncaring & increasingly cruel society.

The future for Disabled & sick peope in the UK is a bleak one unless one of the political parties finds some decency and moral fortitude, something to whch I think al the politcal parties are lacking in.

Paul Smith -Founder Atos Victims Group