Thursday, May 23, 2013

SECRECY: the Cloak of Criminality? Who can do what about it?

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When John Hemming MP joined us at our Westminster meeting in January 2011, to explore a Public Inquiry into White Collar Crimes, I knew that ‘secret prisoners‘ were his ‘pet subject’:
  • the use of the Court of ‘Protection‘ to steal the assets of mainly elderly people, by declaring them ‘not to have capacity’ to instruct solicitors
  • as a result, people are secretly imprisoned.
At the time, I did not know as much about secret family courts as I wish I  never needed to learn:
  • secret family courts are used to sanction and ‘legalise’ the child snatching carried out by Social Services – supposedly in the ‘best interest of the child’
  • I launched Stop Forced Adoptions in the UK as an online petition that non-UK MEPs want to take further in Brussels, as soon as 2,000 signatures are reached
  • I re-vamped Ian Josephs’ into Punishment without Crime, as he has been advising between 3 and 6 parents a day since the sixties.
Now I have seen how extra secrecy was used in a family court case: 
  • Not Open to the Media‘ it said on the listing and on the door – even though Camilla Cavendish’s campaign in The Times had achieved this tiny breakthrough: that media professionals can attend secret court hearings
  • in family courts, Harriet Harman MP said in Parliament in 2006 that 200 people had been sent to prison by family courts
  • and then there are those who are being sent secretly to mental hospitals
  • as a precursor, I know one very effective and brave former business woman who came out of prison with a ‘community treatment order‘ of a monthly injection!
We, the people, can use our courage and creativity to address this evil especially by using our computers.
MPs can use Early Day Motions that may lead to press coverage. As constituents, we can encourage our MP to sign or table issues.

Tabled by John Hemming MP – in chronological order:
The related Daily Mail article says: MP attacks head of Hacked Off campaign for acting to stifle free speech and mentions his contribution to Yvonne Goder’s case!

Some examples: tabled by George Galloway MP:
Tabled by John McDonnell MP:
Tabled by Margaret Ritchie MP:
Tabled by Lucy Powell MP:
  • ChildCare Ratios – EDM 55 about reducing staff for young children through ‘More Great ChildCare’
Tabled by Richard Shepherd MP: