Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bedroom Tax vote to be forced through to abolish hated charge after Lib Dem U-turn

Blameless residents are forced to pay an average £14 a week for one extra bedroom and £25 for two or more - Labour leader Mr Miliband has pledged to scrap the tax

Change: Nick Clegg has called for the tax to be scrapped

Labour aims to make Nick Clegg put government money where his mouth is and scrap the Bedroom Tax, reports the Sunday People.

Ed Miliband plans to force a Commons vote in the autumn on abolishing the hated charge.

Last week the Liberal Democrats called for a major overhaul of the levy they had previously supported .

A Labour motion for abolition after the 2013 summer recess was defeated by 252 to 226 votes because of coalition support.

But if the Deputy PM now gets his MPs to vote with Labour – the housing benefit cut would have to be abolished.

Shadow work and pensions secretary Rachel Reeves told the Sunday People: “The Lib Dems have a simple choice to make.

“They could do the right thing and vote with Labour.

"Or they can vote with their Tory friends to keep the cruel and unfair Bedroom Tax in place.”