Thursday, July 17, 2014

Real reason the Lib Dems U-turned on the Bedroom Tax

The Bedroom Tax U-turn is about dire Lib Dem poll ratings, not principles
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The Liberal Democrat U-turn on the Bedroom Tax is less about the policy not working and more about the party’s poll ratings.

The move is certainly welcome for those who’ve been campaigning against the punitive policy: new data from an internal government review has shown that almost 60 per cent of households affected by the Bedroom Tax were in arrears due to a shortage of smaller properties to move into.

The question is, why now?

There is no shame in changing your mind, and the Lib Dems are parroting the old line about changing their minds because the facts ‘on the ground’ have changed.

The problem however, is that in order to believe this one has to accept that the Lib Dems had no clue there would be problems such as that cited above from the very beginning. But how could they not? A DWP assessment conducted prior to the introduction of the Bedroom Tax found that 31 per cent (660,000) of social housing tenants would have their housing benefit cut as a result of the Bedroom Tax.
And the reason?