Friday, October 24, 2014

Is Britain’s CSA inquiry being deliberately sabotaged?

Fiona Woolf and Diana Brittan

Is Britain’s CSA inquiry being deliberately sabotaged?

Last month we posted the following:

” It’s becoming clearer, as each day passes, that the filthy British Establishment will stop at nothing to keep a lid on their sordid child-raping secrets.

Their usual tactic of smearing and vilifying victims and witnesses who come forward is faltering, thanks to social media, and their dirty tricks campaigns are being exposed in the full glare of the public eye.

Under extreme pressure from campaigners, David Cameron and Theresa May were forced into setting up an inquiry into decades of organised and systematic abuse in this country.

Dave and Tess

With a general election looming next year they are desperately trying to stall any investigation by deliberately appointing tainted insiders to head the inquiry.