Monday, October 27, 2014

Labour's FATWA on criticising Atos tests: Work Test Whistleblower

by Work Test Whistleblower

Shortly after I blew the whistle in May 2013 I got a strong hint from a well-placed parliamentary source that the Labour top team had issue a fatwa to the party against criticising the goings-on with the WCA too harshly. Towards the end of 2013 I got another glimpse of what those at the top were thinking when an Opposition insider confirmed the importance of the bogus rules of thumb, yet did nothing about their implications.

In fact, the lack of a real parliamentary response to my whistleblowing raises what is perhaps the biggest unanswered question for me of all so far: why did the Work and Pensions committee officially ignore it?
They can't honestly claim they didn't know about my experiences because:

  • I emailed the committee
  • One of their MPs discussed my concerns on Radio Four 
  • The committee Chair appeared in the same item on BBC News as I did!

Yet when you read the committee's reports or witness their general inactivity in other ways, it's as if the BBC's reporting of my concerns - which it is clear to me has had a profound effect on the outcomes for ESA, PIP, JSA and possibly UC too - simply never happened...

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