Monday, May 4, 2015

Cameron has given up on winning the election claims LibDem Lord Scriven

Lord Scriven, a Lib Dem peer and aide to Nick Clegg, said the PM has 'taken to lying' in comments the Tories branded '100% not true' 

David Cameron had already given up on winning the election before the campaign began, the Lib Dems revealed today.

A close aide to Nick Clegg said the PM privately admitted weeks ago that he cannot win a majority.

“Cameron has taken to lying on (winning) a majority,” tweeted Lord Scriven, a Lib Dem peer and one of Mr Clegg’s closest pals.

“Nick Clegg told me that Cameron privately admitted to him that the Tories won’t win a majority.”

The claim was furiously denied by the Tories, as in public Mr Cameron still insists he is on course to win the election.

The desperate PM has been touring the country telling voters he needs “just 23 more seats” to win a House of Commons majority.

But Mr Clegg said that was a “big fat fib”.
“All I can tell you is that the Conservatives know that they’re not going to win a majority,” the Deputy PM said yesterday.

“I have never met a senior Conservative who has ever claimed in private that they’re going to win a majority. They know they’re not."