Sunday, May 10, 2015

Iain Duncan Smith's Reign of Terror

Let me get one thing straight before I start. I'm about as able bodied as it is possible to get. Like most people I've suffered a few mental health problems of one kind or another during my life (depression, stress, social anxiety) but never badly enough that I needed long-term support, or that I couldn't recover from them. I'm not naive enough to imagine that severe health problems will never befall me (I could be paralysed in a car accident tomorrow for all I know), but as of now I'm a reasonably fit and healthy person.

I was severely disappointed when the Tories got back into power but not really all that surprised because I remember 1992, where millions of people lied that they were going to vote against the Tories but voted Tory on the day. What does it tell us that people lie to polling organisations and lie to their friends? It tells us that they're ashamed of what they've done.

One of the things that Tory voters have the most to be ashamed about is the fact that they have explicitly endorsed this government's shocking track record of mistreatment of the disabled. There are many potential explanations for why Tory voters might have decided to endorse such a campaign of economic deprivation and mental anguish against some of Britain's most vulnerable people.