Sunday, May 10, 2015

'Pure evil' Bedroom Tax will hit one million more people as Tories launch 100-day welfare blitz

David Cameron will hit society's most vulnerable the hardest as he finally begins to identify his £12billion of welfare cuts

David Cameron stood in Downing Street to announce: “We are on the brink of something special.”

The PM is right. We are on the brink something specially unpleasant for Bedroom Tax victims and anyone ­dependent on welfare payments to live.

Former Labour London Mayor Ken Livingstone calls this special something “five more years of pure evil”.
Without the Lib Dems or a hung Parliament to constrain the Tories, they can now let rip against the poorest and most vulnerable.

Throughout the six-week election ­campaign Mr Cameron – branded the Sheriff of Nottingham by TV star Paul O’Grady over the hated Bedroom Tax – boasted of making £12billion of welfare cuts but would not reveal where the axe will fall.

To put that astronomical figure into perspective, it’s the equivalent of a burglar nicking £545 from every household in the land.

The Tories will be able to claw back £250million a year in housing benefit until 2020 by making a million more families pay the Bedroom Tax.

The number will rise 220,000 a year with victims paying an average £3,800 over the five-year term of this government...