Friday, June 21, 2013

The Fraud Freud

Reblogged from Chris Spivey:

According to ‘Inside Housing’:

David Freud  whose principles allowed him to take Labour’s money and provide that government with his duff advice before running off to join the Tories as soon as it looked as though they would be in office after the 2010 election, wants to bully councils out of an entirely legal way to help their tenants avoid paying the punitive and unfair bedroom tax”.
  Course, David Freud is just another Zionist rich cunt devoid of any empathy  for his fellow man what so ever. 

He is also the great grandson of Sigmund Freud an early pioneer of Mind Control. I think I’m right in saying that this makes him a second cousin to Clement and Lucien Freud… Or somewhere very near anyway. 

You can read more about the odious Sigmund Freud HERE

Sigmund Freud’s grandson, the late MP, Clement Freud owned a property in Praia de Luz, the Portuguese holiday resort where Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007.

In the weeks following Maddie’s disappearance her parents Gerry and Kate were often dinner guests at Freud’s holiday home.

Clements Freud’s son is Matthew Freud, part of the so called Chipping Norton set of which the cunt Cameron is also a member. Matthew is married to Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Media Mogul Rupert – the man who pulls the Cunt Cameron’s strings. 

Mathews sister, Emma Freud is responsible for recommending Millie Dobie to the paedophile ex Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The following is from the aangirfan website:

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s new fitness instructor, Millie Dobie, is ‘a bed-hopping bisexual’ and a ‘man-eater who enjoyed three-in-a-bed sex sessions with a Hollywood film star’. Source
  As for the now deceased Lucien Freud, he was an artist with a penchant for painting young boys… If you get my drift.

However, for those who don’t; Lucien Freud was allegedly a stinking perverted Kiddie fiddler cunt.

He also kept very dubious company and was in the debt of the notorious criminals the Kray Twins – who of course were reported to have been running a paedophile ring, supplying ‘boys’ to the rich and famous. Source

Unsurprisingly, David Freud was once a Rothschild investment banker.

Course, you never get all these dots joined for you in the MSM.  Yet, as I demonstrated the other day in regard to Zac Goldsmith; all these wealthy ponces all have skeletons in their closets and work to an agenda counter productive to our well being.

David Freud is without doubt a horrible cunt – like all the rest of his ilk are.

Certainly, he should never be allowed anywhere near politics.

You can find the Freud family tree by clicking HERE