Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Barton Moss Woman Arrested and Beaten at Anti-Fracking Protest. Police thugs grin as woman is beaten

Barton Moss Anti Fracking Protest Salford 16th March 2014 photo by Steven Speed (8)

Vanda, the mother of four who made headlines last month after her brutal arrest by officers from Greater Manchester Police Tactical Aid Unit, was again arrested and beaten at Barton Moss this morning in the full gaze of the media – and Happy Mondays star, Bez, who was on the front line of the anti-fracking protest.

“I got sent to prison for being accused of doing that shit. Three grown men battering a woman on the floor…I’m in shock.” Bez

“It’s a disgrace” he told the Salford Star “A peaceful protest and… to arrest someone, smashing their head on the floor is not right is it? Especially a woman…”