Friday, December 19, 2014

Problems At Work? Contact A Real Fighting Union And Stuff Your Boss!


To hear the current government talk you would think the business community are paragons of virtue – nobly trickling down wealth to the rest of us whilst sticking to the rules and giving us poor plebs something to do in the daytimes.

The reality, as anyone who’s ever had a real job knows, is that most businesses are a bunch of crooks, happy to rip off their workers, customers or even the state as long as it lines their filthy pockets.  And small businesses are often the worst despite the shrill calls from many well meaning folk that it’s just the bankers, or multi-national corporations, that are fucking up our lives.

Whether it’s rogue landlords or bent bosses, the only way to beat these bastards is through sticking up for each other and acting together – as workers, claimants or tenants.  As the working class, and don’t let any fucking idiot tell you that no longer matters – everytime a liberal says class struggle is over a stockbroker cracks open another bottle of champagne.  They know exactly what the game is, and they are terrified of us remembering we can fight back and win if we act collectively.

The Newcastle branch of the radical Solidarity Federation union have a track record of succesfully taking on exploitative employers and beating them.  They have just launched a new campaign to highlight worker’s rights and give support to local people being screwed over by their boss.  In their own words: “We specialise in the cases that other unions leave behind, and will show solidarity to all workers in struggle regardless of membership. SolFed has an excellent track record of winning case work. If you or anyone you know have a problem with your boss, get in touch.”

You can find more details on their website, please share and spread the word:

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